Are you ready to get ahead of the loads of laundry and piles of dishes, the daily tasks that are never-ending?


Are you ready to end the cycle of unhealthy eating, and the unkept promises you make every night that tomorrow you'll go gluten-free or insert some other cleanse?


Are you ready to stop feeling  stuck and alone in all the chores and responsibilities as a mom?


Ready to sleep well knowing your your kids aren't  watching you get through your days frazzled, grumpy and disconnected?


Wouldn’t it be nice to feel more connection, more productivity and an overall feeling of being in the flow and a sense of magic in your life every day?

YOU set the tone for your home



Hey Mama,

I am Korrin

 I am a wife, mama of five, sister, plant-based chef, holistic health/ life coach and Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher


I believe that most questions can are answered with a little silence and that the cure to all things that ail us is simplicity. I believe with our words and our thoughts we are inviting madness or magic.

Which are you choosing?


With every passing moment we have another chance to surrender and try again.


When we care for ourselves body and spirit, we can mother with ease, joy and an overall feeling of flow.  Life is full of magic and all we have to do is invite it in.

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