About Me

I’m a wife, mama of four, sister, plant-based chef, holistic health/ life coach, Vedic meditator. I believe that most questions can be answered with a little silence and that the cure to all things that ail us is simplicity.
In my previous life, ya know “b.c.” (before children), I went to a fantastic culinary school in Manhattan called The Natural Gourmet Institute. I learned about the healing power of food while learning to make amazing vegan dishes. It changed my life forever. I took that knowledge to LA where I had the pleasure of being a private chef for lots of interesting people. After listening to too much Jack Johnson, I hopped over to Maui where I cooked for yoga and meditation retreats and lived at a Tibetan Buddhist Temple. I had the honor of cooking dinner for Ram Das every night. It was the perfect mix of my love of healthy food with a brilliant dose of spirit. After my first child, I found that cooking and caring for my family became a full-time job. I took a step back from private chef work but decided to continue my education through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I received certification as a health coach.
To say I’ve always wanted kids would be a bit of an understatement. In my mind, it was everything. I’m not sure why. Being the oldest of four girls, it’s not like I didn’t get my fill of babysitting. In fact, I did so much babysitting that you’d think that I’d be put off by the idea of having kids. For some reason, though, I had it in my head that when these little creatures came into my life, then life would begin. Now that I have four kids, I know how naive that was. Don’t get me wrong, in a way, it’s true. Perhaps my idea of what that life might look life was “just a little” different than what that life was to be.
I’ve always envisioned the beautiful pregnancies, the home water births. I had the kids’ vegan, sugarless, wheat free diets all planned out…oh and don’t forget their Waldorf inspired educations. Amazing! But…that’s as far as I got. I was so caught up in the fantasy of this picture perfection that I didn’t realize how much present moment awareness was involved in doing this very down to earth, real-life job. It never occurred to me that the kids would be “on” every moment. You expect to be chasing them around as they pick up everything that’s not nailed down, but it can be surprising how equally adept they are at picking up the more subtle “things” like your feelings. From the moment they were born, they were entirely in tune no matter where I was on the emotional scale…from the top of my game to wanting to check out entirely. It was beautiful. It was scary.
I’ve read so many parenting books and blogs; some are very good, some not so much. I even attended Lifeways training that covered everything from child development from birth to six to puppetry and storytelling. It was an inspiring experience that I took so much from it. It impacted my life and my family life hugely. BUT even after all that what it comes down to for me is being in the moment. Ugh honestly, I hate even writing it. I mean, sounds so simple you don’t want to hear it and…aren't you (maybe a little) sick of hearing about it? Don’t “they,” those spiritual book authors, always make everything about “being in the now?” I guess I would just glaze over that part thinking…yeah, yeah I get it, but I didn’t. My kids have a knack of reminding and teaching (and testing) me all about it. Before kids, what now feels like another lifetime, I would devour spirituality books like I was going to be tested on the subject. Apparently, I was going to be tested. No sitting down for these, though, all pop quiz style. Life:  career, marriage, and parenting were going to see what I learned and then teach me some more. It hasn’t always been easy, but it continues to be rewarding, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
I am looking forward to sharing thoughts, reflections, resources and practices that inspire me. Specific topics will change from day to day, but will mostly be about the journey of motherhood, how it changed me and reflections of where armchair spirituality meets the path of spiritual living which can be two very different things.