There are lots of methods of self-care meditating, moving your body, eating a balanced diet, time alone...a luxurious skincare regime?


After having children my beauty routine pretty much consisted of Dr Bronner's and coconut oil and that was on a good night. Some nights it was a quick swipe with a baby wipe. *GASP* I used to love potions and lotions of all sorts but became a hippie.  I grew weary pouring hours over EWG Skin deep data bank looking for products that lived up to the promise of being "natural" and "organic" I was shocked to find brands I believed to be trustworthy were rating so poorly. So, essentially I gave up. Until one day a friend reached out and convinced  me to try Beautycounter. I will say I resisted the idea of a skincare line at first. It felt so self-indulgent, but immediately that made me wonder what was wrong with indulging?  I have to admit as I grow older, looking older has become a concern. I want my skin to look and feel great, was there something wrong with that...of course not.  Not only does Beautycounter provide me with something my self-care regime was missing, but it was also finally a brand that offered reliable products for my children too. And it is practically endorsed by the EWG. No more piecing together all the "acceptable" products for the family or frantically looking up sunscreens while at the health food store.
These benefits are just how Beautycounter serves my family and me. The company is on a mission to make beauty products safe now and for future generations. With this mission, hopefully, in the future, my daughter will not have the worry that the products she uses for herself and her family are filled with harmful and downright toxic ingredients.

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