White Branch

A 3-month 1:1

Intuitive Motherhood Mentorship

Connecting to your intuition, becoming the mother, and creating a life  based on your truth and what is in your heart

Everything is inside of YOU. Your intuition is the answer to the harmony you seek.

I see you

Feeling lost and disconnected

Hustling to get everything done and never making a dent.

Spending your nights awake worried that you're not doing it right or good enough

Worried about your kids witnessing you frazzled, grumpy and disengaged



You have the have all the answers inside of you to

      Live a life that you love

      Have happy children and marriage

      Be free of hustle and overwhelm

I've been there

In my early days of motherhood, I couldn't imagine how anyone could feel so overwhelmed yet underwhelmed all at the same time.

Coffee and wine-fueled my days. I couldn't find a flow or meaning in the never-ending, mundane tasks. I found myself counting the hours till bedtime so that I could escape to the next Netflix marathon.

This made me so sad because I wanted children so badly and wanted to be a good mother but would find myself swinging back and forth from angry to sobbing.

Every night I'd lie in bed replaying the day promising myself that tomorrow would be different. Spoiler alert, it wouldn't be any different and my anger, anxiety and overwhelm grew.

In my desperation to find the answers I kept looking outside of myself (blogs, parenting books,etc.) get tired and feel like I couldn't live up to the "experts" advice, give up and go back to numbing out.

Finally be so sick of being on the hamster wheel I found myself on my knees begging for help. When the answer came, it was simple, and the answer was ME. I needed to shift my energy and tap into the solutions that came from my intuition. To tap into your intuition, you need to change your energy.

Tapping into your intuition allows you

  • recognize and heal the stories that are triggered by motherhood

  • heal unhealthy patterns around food and self nurturing

  • create a home that brings joy and a feeling of safety to your family

  • have a deeper understanding of your partner and children's needs

  • create days full of flow

It's all ENERGY, Mama
Shifting your energy and stepping into the power of motherhood is the greatest gift you can give  yourself, your children and the world.
This is how WE  do it
White Branch

Feng shui

What you have in your home and where you have it all create chaos or harmony. Command the energy of your home with the elements and bring flow to your days and your home life.


When we are in tune with the energy of the moon and the planets we feel more connection to ourselves and in our relationships. Better understanding = greater capacity for compassion for ourselves and others.

White Branch


This is where we can clear old stories, and grow into the woman and mother we are meant to be. Without the alignment of our highest self we get knocked around by motherhood and life in general.


Every time we eat we are contributing to our feeling balanced and ready for the day or spaced out and running around in circles. We need to feel empowered by our food choices and be able to eat intuitively. 


This is a deep energetic process we’re diving into which requires mentorship and support. Inside this sacred program you receives weekly 1:1 mentorship  calls. You will be held in a powerful container of love and support that accelerates healing and the growth that has you stepping out of the shadow of doubt and into the light and power of motherhood.


Connect with other mothers of light and receive love and support from me and other mom's going through the process.  As you go through the healing process a lot comes up to the surface to be healed and I want make sure you continue to take aligned action without falling into old fears and patterns. Shifting your energy is healing for you and your entire family.  It is sacred work that requires a  strong community.

The moon + YOU

Over the next 3 months we will harness the power of the moon to release old patterns and plant seeds of change. Using the cycles of the moon helps you to feel connected to magic and mystery.

You also receive a astrological chart for you and your partner. Deepening your understanding of yourself and of them helps connect with love and compassion.

What Mama's are saying

Korrin is an amazing and inspirational coach! She has helped me learn to truly nourish myself; by improving my way eating, developing great self care habits and rediscovering beautiful spiritual practices!
Since we have worked together, Korrin has consistently helped me to improve all aspects of my life. Korrin has coached me through working towards having a new baby,  being laid off and finding true passion in work and in finding the balanced family life I had dreamed of. I am so grateful for Korrin and her beautiful coaching gift!


I see you and I care.


It’s time to rise into your power as a mother. Our family need us and the world needs our children.

Let’s do this together.

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