The best self-care you can give yourself is soul-satisfying foods that nurture you and bring you into balance. Eating refined and packaged foods will leave you feeling less than balanced and downright scattered. Nature is brilliant and wise and eating food with the seasons, in your local area, and its whole form with all its edible parts will leave a remarkable imprint of balance and synergy. It will give you the adaptability you need to withstand the demands of mothering. Check your diet, really sit with it and be honest. What is serving you and what is draining you. Are you relying on coffee, sugar, and alcohol to get through the long days? These things are like borrowing money from the bank yes in the short term you will get what you need, but in the end, you will be paying it back and with interest. Ask yourself if you can spare your inner resources

Meditation and Prayer

My greatest resource of strength is that which is not my own. A Course in Miracles says "The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your strength" Well, isn't that the truth. Whenever I find myself coming from a place of fear and control I know that I am not in alignment with the Universe, God, Love insert any name you use. For the past 11 years, I've been committed to a 20 minute twice daily Vedic meditation practice.  The rest of the day I'm in constant prayer. Fear is so ingrained; it is the default of the ego it takes some gentle nudging to return to love. There are only two places to be fear or love. Recognizing when you're out of alignment and how to come gently back is the most significant part of the practice and the greatest tool I hope to explore with you.

Move your body

Yoga, dance, hiking, kickboxing, running on the treadmill. I'm not here to tell you how to move your body, just to move it. Our energy gets stuck and stagnant when we are not in motion. I happen to love movement with a side of nature. Nothing restores me more than a walk on the beach or in the woods. Some days that is simply not the option, so I turn my favorite song on and dance in the kitchen while cooking dinner. I think a lot of times we get in our way with the word exercise. When I say, I need to exercise it feels like I'm adding another chore to my list. When I say I need to move my body, for me, the possibilities expand.

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