There lives in me an image
Of all I want to be
Until I have become it
My heart cannot be free
Who and what image are you holding within you?
Who is standing in the center of your being, as a mother?
How does she interact with her children, in her home, in her community?
How does she feel about taking care of the house, spending her days at home with her children or spending her days at work and away from her children?
How does she feel about her husband’s role in the family, her own?
How does she feel about caring for herself and her own needs?
It is so important to have this vision. You may have a vague image, or you could be grasping tightly to a distinct image. Get to know yourself and your desires better, if it is ambiguous then investigate who you had hoped to be.  If the vision is vivid, look close. Is the ideal a replica of your mother, is she the polar opposite of your mother. Excavate how this vision came to be. SHE will help guide you on the journey within. I think a lot of women began their journey into motherhood with an idea of what they did and didn’t want to be and the reality of the demands of mothering and all it entails quickly settles in. You find yourself underfed physically and spiritually and grasping at straws to do it all and be it all. A mother is a multidimensional being.
With all aspects needing to be fed and nurtured

Temple Food and Soul Food

The food we eat to nourish and sustain a healthy physical body (our temples) that functions and does all the things.

All the other “food" is what nourishes our Souls

Inner work (spiritual life)
The rhythm of the home and children (career)
Movement of our bodies

When any of these aspects are out of balance life can get very uncomfortable. And let's face it, the temperature of the home is set by the mother in the family.. if she is off everyone is off.

How you nourish yourself body and soul are essential to the flow of the home and the wellness of your children. How well you tend to your inner life sets the tone for the relationship with yourself, your husband and your children. It impacts everything, and without it, we tend to fall on unhealthy cycles of habitual patterns.
Our work together is not to set limits and restrictions on what you can and can not do. I hope to cultivate a practice that tends to you as a spiritual being, and this will allow these habits to fall off on their own. To create new ways of living, ways that are sustainable and allow expansion in your role as a mother, wife, friend and community member.
Our work together will have you eating intuitively, bringing more rhythm and a sense of order to your home and mothering authentically with a greater sense of ease.

Ready to make life magical? Let the journey begin.
Your program includes
two 50-minute sessions per month
e-mail support between sessions
recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare, guided meditations
coaching and support to help you cultivate a life you love
Notes from each of our sessions plus informative handouts
my commitment to your journey

If you are saying yes, send me an email to set up a conversation that will start our journey.

With love,